+++ May 2017 +++ Shooting of "FrauMutterTier" +++


At the end of April the shooting of the movie „FrauMutterTier – AT“ started in Munich. It is the cinema debut of director das Felicitas Darschin, the script was written by Alexandra Helmig and Rudi Gaul.

It is a warm hearted ensemble comedy with an edge at the pulse of the time. The production company mixtvision Film has built a great cast. The ensemble consists of big names of the German cinema and wonderful newcomers: Julia Jentsch, Brigitte Hobmeier, Annette Frier, Max von Thun, Gundi Ellert, and much more.

In the story of "FrauMutterTier" we meet different women who tell us about the craziness of todays motherhood in a self-ironic manner and always with a wink. All of them are strong, willful, sometimes aggressive and at the same time endlessly loving women who want only one thing: being good, better, the best mothers for their children. And simultaneously relaxed, confident women who live their lives. In this conflict they go through ups and downs of everyday life with children, men, mothers in law and other mothers in between the adults world and children's rooms.