+++ September 2016 +++ Theatrical release "König Laurin" +++

"König Laurin" already premiered in April 2016 at the Filmfest Bozen. It is winner of the Goldener Spatz in three categories and of the Weisser Elefant at the Filmfest Munich. Now the movie is also nominated for the Gilde Filmpreis.

On the 1. September the film finally comes to German cinemas. In Austria and South Tyrol it starts on the 16. September. Only recently the tie-in-edition as well as the audio book (read by Rufus Beck) and of course the soundtrack are available.

The movie tells the story of the king's son "Theo" who never lives up to his fathers expectations. Through his friendship with the dwarf king "Laurin" he learns that also small people can do big things!

With Matthias Lang, who was born in South Tyrol, producer Felix von Poser found a director who grew up with this saga. Together with a great cast, such as Volker Zack, Rufus Beck and Florian Burghart, they made a wonderful movie with a lot love for detail.

Thanks to the rose nursery KALBUS a beautiful alpenglow was being created. SCHIESSER prevented that the actors were freezing on cold shooting days and Red Bull kept the team fit and awake!

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