+++ November 2015 +++ Cinema Release „Whatever Happens“ +++

WHATEVER HAPPENS starts where other love stories end: In the supposedly last night together right bevore the final brake up. This night turns into the turning point and shows that true luck is often found in imperfection, in getting things together and trying.

Director and writer Niels Laupert was able to engage the great actor FAHRI YARDIM and shootingstar SYLVIA HOEKS.

In theatres on the 30th November!

A great thank you to all our placement partners who supported us:

Wein Wolf with Taittinger:, Anna from Mangold Farben:,  Biotherm, Michael Pollinger Fliesen, AS Buchverlag, Red Bull

+++ November 2017 +++ Cinema Release „Burg Schreckenstein 2“ +++

Finally the sequel of the best selling childrens book series by Oliver Hassencamp starts showing in cinemas on the 7th of Dezember 2017.

This time the boys of the Schreckenstein Castle are on a very special mission. Again a great adventure with famous actors such as Henning Baum, Uwe Ochsenknecht and many more.

Our partners had much fun involving their products. Together with them we are looking forward to the theatrical release!

Again many thanks to:

Center Shock, Mega Sports, Bike & Co., Sharksup, Fenix

Get a first taste with the Trailer!

+++ May 2017 +++ Shooting of "FrauMutterTier" +++


At the end of April the shooting of the movie „FrauMutterTier – AT“ started in Munich. It is the cinema debut of director das Felicitas Darschin, the script was written by Alexandra Helmig and Rudi Gaul.

It is a warm hearted ensemble comedy with an edge at the pulse of the time. The production company mixtvision Film has built a great cast. The ensemble consists of big names of the German cinema and wonderful newcomers: Julia Jentsch, Brigitte Hobmeier, Annette Frier, Max von Thun, Gundi Ellert, and much more.

In the story of "FrauMutterTier" we meet different women who tell us about the craziness of todays motherhood in a self-ironic manner and always with a wink. All of them are strong, willful, sometimes aggressive and at the same time endlessly loving women who want only one thing: being good, better, the best mothers for their children. And simultaneously relaxed, confident women who live their lives. In this conflict they go through ups and downs of everyday life with children, men, mothers in law and other mothers in between the adults world and children's rooms.

+++ February 2017 +++ FairFilm®Award & Berlinale Brunch by PRODUCTIONCONCEPT +++


The Berlinale 2017 granted us two events which we supported diligently! The first event was the presentation of the FairFilm®Award with the subsequent reception of the unions at the Landesvertretung Baden-Württemberg on the 11th February. Following by the Berlinale Brunch by PRODUCTIONCONCEPT from the 12th – 14th February at Josty’s.

Many thanks to Die Filmschaffenden e.V.PRODUCTIONCONCEPT and of course all our partners and sponsors!


„My blind date with life“ tells the story of Saliya Kahawatte who managed to make his dream come true: a job training at a five star hotel - although he was almost blind. "Saliya" (played by Kostja Ullmann) sees the world like through a frosted glass but he keeps his almost blindness secret to almost everyone. With the help of his colleague "Max" (played by Jakob Matschenz) he overcomes every obstacle. And they develop a deep friendship. He also meets his big love "Laura" (played by Anna Maria Mühe).

The feel-good comedy was sensitively directed by Marc Rothemund.

Here's a small taste of the movie:

+++ December 2016 +++ Robbi, Tobbi und das Fliewatüüt +++


We have supported the promotion of a very lovely family entertainment movie:

From December 1st movie-goers can watch what "Tobias" called "Tobbi" (Arsens Bullmann) is capable of! His passion is to invent and build machines. One day a robot called "Robbi" lands directly in front of his feet! A deep friendship between the two develops. The two build a very special machine called "Fliewatüüt" with which they want to find Robii's parents. On their adventurous journey they get hunt by the evil "Sir Joshua" (Friedrich Mücke) and his agents "Sharon Schalldämpfer" (Alexandra Maria Lara) and "Brad Blutbad" (Sam Riley).

A thrilling story, that director Wolfgang Groos put into real life. The story is based on the children's novel by Boy Lornsen, which he released in 1967. 

Official trailer:

+++ September 2016 +++ Theatrical release "König Laurin" +++

"König Laurin" already premiered in April 2016 at the Filmfest Bozen. It is winner of the Goldener Spatz in three categories and of the Weisser Elefant at the Filmfest Munich. Now the movie is also nominated for the Gilde Filmpreis.

On the 1. September the film finally comes to German cinemas. In Austria and South Tyrol it starts on the 16. September. Only recently the tie-in-edition as well as the audio book (read by Rufus Beck) and of course the soundtrack are available.

The movie tells the story of the king's son "Theo" who never lives up to his fathers expectations. Through his friendship with the dwarf king "Laurin" he learns that also small people can do big things!

With Matthias Lang, who was born in South Tyrol, producer Felix von Poser found a director who grew up with this saga. Together with a great cast, such as Volker Zack, Rufus Beck and Florian Burghart, they made a wonderful movie with a lot love for detail.

Thanks to the rose nursery KALBUS a beautiful alpenglow was being created. SCHIESSER prevented that the actors were freezing on cold shooting days and Red Bull kept the team fit and awake!

You can find more about the movie on the website:

And on Facebook:

+++ August 2016 +++ Cinema Release COLLIDE +++

On the 4. August 2016 the action movie COLLIDE (AUTOBAHN) will be in German cinemas! Breathtaking stunts, great thrill, crazy humor and a wild love story turn COLLIDE into a high class action entertainment! Two of the hottest Hollywood shooting stars took over the leading roles: Nicholas Hoult („Mad Max: Fury Road“, „X-Men“) and Oscar® nominee Felicity Jones („The Theory of Everything“, „The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise of Electro“). The bad guys are played by no-one else that Oscar® winner Ben Kingsley („Iron Man 3“) and Anthony Hopkins („Thor – The Dark Kingdom“). Also the supporting roles are played by German top-level actors: Joachim Król („Ausgerechnet Sibirien“), Aleksandar Jovanovic („Kurz und schmerzlos“), Clemens Schick („James Bond 007 – Casino Royale”) and Erdal Yildiz („Fack Ju Göhte“). Directed by Eran Creevy („Enemies – Welcome to the Punch“). 

Successful producer Joel Silver („Matrix“, „Lethal Weapon“) and his company Silver Pictures were responsible for COLLIDE. Co-produced by Hermann JohaDaniel Hetzer and Kay Niessen of hands-on producers („Rush – Alles für den Sieg“). 

Official German Website: 

Official German Facebook Page:

+++ Mai 2015 +++ Premiere "ABSCHUSSFAHRT" +++

On the 11th May, the directing debut of Tim Trachte celebrates its premiere in Munich: The crazy and absolutely hyphy comedy "Abschussfahrt" tells the story of three friends who plan to finally party really hard on their school trip to Prague. Of course this ends in a totally wild, funny and completely crazy night... Produced by Rat Pack Filmproduction in co-production with Rolize and Wilma Film and in collaboration with viafilm. Cinema release is the 21st May 2015.

+++ April 2015 +++ GESPENSTERJÄGER +++

The new film by director Tobi Baumann is at cinemas since April. Starring Anke Engelke, Milo Parker, Christian Tramitz, Karoline Herfurth and Christian Ulmen - and of course again with great support of our partners!

The movie is based on the novel by Cornelia Funke and is about a trio which is different as it can be and which gangs up against a primeval ice ghost: Tom, an easily scared boy, a professional ghost hunter and the lovable but pretty slimy Hugo, a ghost

+++ February 2015 +++ COEXIST +++

A series of “Coexist” paintings, originally painted in mixed media mediums by Nahid Shahalimi will be taken around the globe and signed by human beings from all realms of life; world known personalities, celebrities from different continents, heads of villages/states, human rights activists, Nobel Peace prize winners, men & women of all ages from different cultures, different religions, different ethnic backgrounds...

Each signature will be filmed and documented through photography and posted online – spreading the word. 11 paintings will circulate around the world with the human rights activist, author, film maker and internationally well-known artist Nahid Shahalimi personally supporting humanitarian projects of different organizations.

+++ November 2014 +++ NAHID SHAHALIMI, international artist and human rights activist +++

We are happy to announce that we assume the management of Nahid Shahalimi.

The internationally popular artist is known for her dedication in lots of different humanitarian sectors. Nahid is an artist and activist who doesn't stand still. She paints famous faces, composes music and finds ways to combine all this in order to help people who don't have the possibilities and privileges which we have for example in Germany.

We are looking forward to support Nahid in all realms and to help her to move people closer together again.

Find more infos here:

+++ November 2014 +++ Im Labyrinth des Schweigens +++ Cinema release 6th November 2014 +++

Frankfurt 1958. Era of the economic miracle. The horror of the war is almost forgotten. In justice no one has interest in prosecuting the nazi crimes. A thrilling drama about the enthusiastic your lawyer (Alexander Fehling) who lives in Germany in the 50ies and wants to investigate a former Auschwitz guard, who is a teacher meanwhile.

A great movie that has been made by the producers Uli Putz, Jakob Claussen, Sabine Lamby and director Giulio Ricciarelli.

We would like to thank our partners: Pelikan, Schuco, Steiff, Leitz and Picard.

+++ Oktober 2014 +++ Die Vampirschwestern 2 - Fledermäuse im Bauch +++

Cinema release on 16th October 2014 – Dakaria and Silvana "flopsing" again over the screens!

On 12th October 2014 the international premiere of the movie version of the bestseller by Franziska Gehm about the two vampire sisters took place in Munich. Together with the liked young actors and some great known actors, director Wolfgang Groos made alive the story about the first love. The producers Uli Putz and Jakob Claussen had a great afternoon together with all the fans at the Mathäser Filmpalast.

We like to thank our partners for their support: Queen of Darkness, Tama Meinl, Cup Concept and Focus Water.


+++ September 2014 +++ ADNAN MARAL +++

From today on the book by Adnan Maral called „ADNAN FÜR ANFÄNGER – Mein Deutschland heißt Almanya“ is available at book stores. Adnan Maral is one of the most famous German-Turkish actors in Germany and inspires people of every age. Because of its honesty, emotionality, self criticism, but also especially because of its humor the book is great fun to read. It tells stories from the perspective of a cosmopolite who lives bicultural.

German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier says in the book's prologue: "ADNAN FÜR ANFÄNGER is more than just an autobiography, it is a small education novel for our country."

Published by Blanvalet Verlag.


+++ September 2014 +++ Serioprime +++

With customized concepts the agency Serioprime brings medium-sized companies in the digital and communicative section up to date. With a transparent, individually arrangeable module system and a holistic optimization from a single source, also the costs stay clear and low.

We are a part of the creative section of Serioprime. We develop all communication and marketing concepts and take care of their realization. Find more information here:

+++ August 2014 +++ World premiere "HIN UND WEG" +++

The moving bicycle road movie "HIN UND WEG" by Majestic Filmproduktion finally starts at the cinemas on 23rd October 2014. The collaboration with this emotional and moving film also was a great experience for us. The world premiere took place on 8th of August at the famous Filmfest Locarno in front of thousands of viewers. With the great actors Florian David Fitz, Jürgen Vogel, Julia Koschitz and many more the director Christian Zübert made a movie that will delight everyone.

"HIN UND WEG" is a production by Majestic Filmproduktion, in Coproduction with ZDF, in collaboration with VIAFILM and Sky.

+++ June 2014 +++ Cinema release of "Saphirblau" +++

The waiting came to an end! Fans of the „Liebe geht durch alle Zeiten“ trilogy by Kerstin Gier can look forward to the movie version of the second volume called "Saphirblau". 

"Saphirblau" is a production by Tele München, mem-film GmbH, Lieblingsfilm GmbH, Geißendörfer Film- und Fernsehproduktion KG and Arri Film & TV.

+++ The new movie with Adnan Maral +++ "EINMAL HANS MIT SCHARFER SOßE" PREMIERES +++

Our artist Adnan Maral as a turkish father: welcome at the Coskuns! Disarmingly likable and with a lot of humor and heart the multiculti comedy tells about the German everyday life of a turkish family. Based on the novel by Hatice Akyün, where she describes her own experiences and adventures in a very funny way. EINMAL HANS MIT SCHARFER SOSSE plays with every cliché of the German-Turkish peculiarities and customs - and ironizes them in a lovable, nonchalant and amusing way.

EINMAL HANS MIT SCHARFER SOSSE is a production by Wüste Medien in coproduction with NDR and ARTE. 

+++ 11th May 2014 +++ World premiere of MATA MATA +++

On 11th May 2014 the international premiere of the documentary MATA MATA took place at the ARRI cinema in Munich. Under the programme of the DOK.Fest 350 guests from the movie and corporate industry got carried away by the moving stories, breathtaking images and strong emotions of the movie.

Thanks to the great support of LammsbräuViventura and the delicious wines from Pfalzweinshop the evening in company of Dante and his family became unforgettable, not only for soccer fans.

+++ April of 2014 +++ film shooting of "Becks letzter Sommer" +++

True to the novel of the same name by Benedict Wells and directed by Frieder Wittich an emotional movie about a disillusioned music teacher is getting produced. With a superb Christian Ulmen in the leading role. The touching story about a failed artist and his highly talented pupil is the result of the cooperation of Claussen+Wöbke+Putz Filmproduktion together with Senator Film Produktion.

+++ January 2014 +++ premiere of „Nicht mein Tag“ on 16th of January 2014 +++

The buddy & gangster movie directed by Peter Thorwarth, true to the bestseller of "Stromberg" inventor Ralf Husmann, celebrates its premiere! The comedy was produced by Westside Filmproduktion GmbH with top-class cast Moritz Bleibtreu, Axel Stein, Anna Maria Mühe and many others.

+++ January of 2014 +++ documentary on ARTE from 13th of January until 17th of January 2014 +++

The actor Adnan Maral – known from the successful TV series and movie „Türkisch für Anfänger" – can now be seen in a completely different role in his new documentary "Adnan unter wilden Tieren": as an active animal lover, he is on the road together with biologists and zoologists in order to save animals. The documentary combines adventure with research and funny moments - everything in typical "Adnan Maral style"! He asks questions we never dared to ask the experts... That is how he enthuses the viewer: with humor and easyness for wild life protection in Africa, Europe and Asia. Things to know for every age!

Find some funny clips on: ARTE-Youtube

+++ Dezember 2013 +++ In preparation: Theaterstück "Othello" +++ Premiere on 28th of November 2014 in Dinslaken +++

Director Adnan G. Köse stages Shakespeares "Othello" in 2014 with Dave Kaufmann as the protagonist! Originally Günther Kaufmann, Dave Kaufmann's father who passed away in 2012, ought to take over the role. A great honour and a big challenge for Dave Kaufmann.

+++ November of 2013 +++

The last scenes of "Stung", an international horror movie, produced by Rat Pack Filmproduktion and directed by Benni Diez, are finished. A fascinating cast with stars like Matt O'Leary, Clifton Collins jr. and the sci-fi legend Lance Henrikson stood in front of the camera together with the German actors Eve Slatner, Florentine Lahme and many others.